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at The-Bear פונדק הדב
at The-Bear פונדק הדב



So my girlfriend took my daughter to the mall for some girly back to school stuff. Instead of torturing me with that, she sent me off on my own. Which was good because I had a couple of errands to run.

Errand # 1 was the Cascade Barrel House. I tried 4 samples. My favorite was the Sang Royal. An sour ale aged in wine barrels (Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon). I sipped on that taster for a long time, it seemed a crime to let it end.

Errand #2 was The Commons Brewery. Again I had a taster tray of 4. They specialize in farmhouse ales. What was really nice about their tasting room was that it is right amongst their brewing equipment. I found it interesting looking at their notes. You can see a couple yeast starters in one of the pictures above too.

Haha getting some serious errands done


Liberty selfie  (at דוברין 7)
ILLY’s concert at the Syrup.
…and orange Juice.